razzatazz's The Amazing Spider-Man #601 - Red-Headed Stranger, Part 1: No Place Like Home; The Best Version Of Myself review

A new gig already

To be honest I only tracked down this issue because of the somewhat iconic cover.  In the end though it is not surprising that this issue is known for the cover because the inside is not particularly well done.  Despite being only a few years old at this point, the dialogue is sufficiently dated and the action is not much different from what you might expect from one of the 1960s cartoons.  The plot is focusing though around the return of Mary Jane, but the characters are struggling to make a date after an alcohol fueled night.  Meanwhile Peter is also somewhat homeless for the night as he struggles to find a place to crash at.  I have never been a Spider-Man fan, not due to a dislike of the character, just because I suppose I only have so much time to spread around to various comics.  Nonetheless I still do like the character in my limited exposure to him, just I regret that this was not the best place to go for a limited exposure as the characters were mostly displayed in a too trendy and forced manner, which even a few years after it release already seems dated. 


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    this is not peter parker... 0

    i'm a huge spider-man fan, i really am. he's definitely my favorite, and ASM has always been my favorite book. but this issue was a little bit of a let down. or maybe not just a little bit. i'm really excited that mary jane is coming back because i love her and i want to see her and pete get back together, but the depiction of her character art-wise was horrible. i mean really look at this: http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/5263/whaaaa.jpg   is that super model face to you? no. its a female pro...

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