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Crawlers, Covers and Cliffhangers

So it's issue #600, oddly Hulk is having #600 coming out today too and Marvel announced Deadpool #900 in the last week. Does anyone find this to be the Marvel year of 100's? 

Okay, this issue. We open with a rundown of Doc Ock's major head traumas which quickly reveals that Otto was not popular among the Hero and Villain communities. This leads to Otto's doctor giving him 12 to 18 months to live, a diagnosis Ock doesn't take well.

Jump ahead four months and Spider-Man and Daredevil are busting The Bar with No Name for not having a liquor license, which is odd for me because I just got done watching Daredevil and Spider-Man fighting along side Deadpool in Suicide Kings. Pete rushes off to the Front Line to grab some money off of the pictures of bar fight. Oh and once again, Peter is running across town to get to an important personal event, namely Aunt May's wedding rehearsal.

The issues begins to pick up speed as New York falls under the control of Octavius, who believes he is making New York into a city of the future. Unfortunately Octavius is subconsciously turning all the tech in New York against Spidey. The New Avengers make a cameo and so do the Fantastic Four, once Spider-Man finds out that one of his friends has gone missing. Peter and The Human Torch go looking for Doc Ock, which leads to a less then wonderful fight scene in my mind, but there is a lot of Spider-Man/Octavius verbal battling that I think carries more weight. Spider-Man saves New York and it's on to the wedding.

Peter gets the wedding date he spent most of this civilian time looking for, with his roommate who cleans up well and the main story ends with a very familiar red-head catching the bouquet. See you guys next month...

The rest of the issue is short stories, much like Captain America #500 and Hulk #600, that revolve around small storylines in the Spider-Man Universe. There is also a series of Spider-Man covers you'll never see, which were funny. I'm not a big fan of these little stories, but some of them are cute or worth a good laugh. I don't know why big issues can't just be the end or beginning of a big storyline in the title, like Thor #600, and why they need to be jam-sessions of writers and artists, but the main story was over-sized so this issue was worth picking up. I like John Romita Jr. and I know not everyone does, but the art is wonderful for me. Pick this up even if you just want a "milestone issue" of Amazing Spider-Man.
Posted by sora_thekey

Year of the 100s.. that's good... Also remember Daredevil #500

Well it is Marvel's 70th aniversity

Posted by box turtle

Who doesn't like Romita Jr.  He is awesome. 

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