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In the Everglades, people started giving weird reports. Something that looked like it was part-lizard, part-man attacked people. Bullets failed to harm it. Lizard became famous all over the nation, and Spider-Man heard about him through the paper (which challenged Spidey to take the Lizard down!). Peter asked Jameson if he could go to the Glades to take photos of the Lizard (and fight him), but was flatly refused. Peter went to the Natural History museum with Liz Taylor and Flash Thompson to learn about lizards and dinosaurs, and Spider-Sensed two criminals stealing a gem. The criminals tried to kidnap Liz while Peter was changing into Spider-Man, but he effortlessly stopped them. Liz was taken with Spider-Man, but Spidey heard a broadcast daring him to fight Lizard and decided to get Jameson to let him go to the Glades. He tied J.J to the ceiling and told him he'd accept the challenge.

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Standard Comic Version of a 50s Monster Movie 0

With all the early Marvel comics, what Stan Lee was doing was laying the groundwork for future writers and artists to run with. In nearly every early issue of The Fantastic Four, The Hulk and Spider-Man he introduced new characters that would become iconic in the pages of those heroes. It's only the sixth issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, and already we've seen The Chameleon, The Vulture, The Tinkerer, an Doctors Octopus & Doom, and now we have The Lizard.It's pretty clear that Stan Lee was i...

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Lizard, Lizard On The Wall ... 0

The cover: 4½ stars Great, the first cover since issue #2 not to have a word balloon on it and it’s a classic. Spidey is falling, caught in his own webbing … a menacing new villain, The Lizard, is about to make mincemeat out of our hero. It’s a very powerful cover, possibly the best to date, let down only by a couple of minor concerns; the lab coat the Lizard is wearing is purple not white, as it is throughout the story … and … he looks really cute, a bit like the pet lizard I used to have that ...

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