quad_sci_c5_inc_'s The Amazing Spider-Man #598 - American Son, Part 4 review

Pretty awesome

I love shocking twists....that aren't shocking. 1) Harry putting on the new armor = awesome but i kind of knew it was going to happen 2) Menace/Lily wanting to stay on the dark side and the baby not being Harry's cool twists but we kind of knew it was coming. I like seeing the armor finally in use and Harry fighting his dad (omg i really hate Norman). What was also not shocking was Norman having motives for Harry but what was actually surprising is how demente and evil they are. I liked the humor , seeing the original Bullseye outfit, Spidey/Norman fight and seeing Harry in the armor o and all the confirmation to my assumptions. I don't get how Lily looks like Loki now and really where Norman was going with his plans for Harry and whats with Normans little experiments is that Sentry in the tube (did you also see the name on the tube that read G Stacy)? Overall i like the issue the reveals weren't that surprising but they were just kind of predictable but just one of those things we been waiting to see.


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    This story arc has been one of the most exciting Spider-Man reads I’ve ever had. There are so many twists and turns and back stabbing one another it’s like a whole series of 24 in one comic. This issue was just as good as, if not better, than the last. So what happens? - Spider-Man has been caught out as Venom in disguise and finds himself at the mercy of Norman Osborn & Bullseye. They have him in a torture device trying to pry his Venom suit from him. This is what saved his life from the la...

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