the_martian's The Amazing Spider-Man #591 - Face Front Part 2 review

Nobody's Non-Video Review of Amazing Spider-Man #591

Lets start off by saying this could be the most important issue of Amazing Spider-Man since 546! Does Spider-Man remember his life before Brand New Day? How did the memory wipe work? All these and more questions were answered in this one issue!

So if you remember last issue Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four had traveled to the Macroverse where they were all considered to be gods. Mr. Fantastic had called the heroes under Invisible Woman's force fields so they could talk.  But Human Torch got upset about not being able to remember who Spider-Man was under his mask and shot a ball and fire at his mask. Spider-Man quickly removed his mask in front of the Fantastic Four.

So we are started off with Human Torch gasping at Spider-Man's face? Well what should have been his face, but Invisible Woman protected Spidey's identity by turning his head invisible. They all agree to drop the subject of Spider-Man's indentity missing from their memories, and got back to fighting the alien's from the Macroverse. Invisible Woman then remembers Mr. Fantastic was going to tell them all something before Human Torch started fighting Spidey. Reed Richards tells them all that time in the Macroverse moves much slower than on Earth. So for every hour they spend there, 13 and 1/3 days go by on Earth. So some scenes are shown about what has been going on back on Earth while our heroes have been arguing with each other(I will go into this a little bit later). The group puts their differences aside and help make their way to the enemy base. Once there, Patronus(a member of the civiliaztion that the heroes are protecting) talks to the rulers of this race. He reveals that he is a half breed, making him the ruler of everybody. With peace settled the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man get ready to leave the  Macroverse.

While getting on the ship to leaves, Reed asks how this mindwipe work. Spider-Man tells him, "It's kinda of a ...Psychic Blindspot. Even if there is a stack of evidence pointing to who I really am...your mind won't let you connect the dots." Reed makes a comment about or connecting them in the wrong order and Spider-Man says, 'Right. You'd come up with your own solution. Not the right one. But one you could accept." Spidey then explains that if he reveals himself to you, all memories of himself will come rushing back to you.

Spider-Man then tells that the reason he can't risk telling anybody his identity is because if they every were controlled by a supervillain his secret could get out. Reed discovers that he could replicate this mind block on their minds so that if Spider-man reveals himself to the Fantastic Four his identity would be safe. So Spider-Man removes his mask and they all remember everything from before One More Day. Well they get back to New York City, Spider-Man finds that two months of his life has been missing and their is a new mayor in town. And he is none other than J. Jonah Jameson!

So a really imporant issue, I recommend picking it up if you want to understand Brand New Day. Here's some highlights:
  • Spider-Man's Identity - As of now Spider-Man's identity is known to the Fantastic Four and New Avengers. This issue once again goes against how he acted in the last issue of New Avengers where Spider-Man revealed himself to the whole team.
  • Mind Wipe - How does the Mind Wipe work? The best way Spider-Man discribed it is that "You have all the dots to his identity, you just can't connect them in the right order." You're mind will keep trying to fit them together until you find an answer that you accept, though it won't be the correct one. This is why nobody questions the disappearance of Spider-Man's identity. He also said that if he reveals himself to you, you will remember everything all at once.
  • Two Months - So some seriously important stuff has passed since Spider-Man left the Macroverse. The most important being that J. Jonah Jameson is now mayor of New York City.  Harry Osborn is recovering in AA with the help of Carlie Cooper. Norah Winters has started dating Randy Robertson. Finaly, Aunt May has started dating J. Jonah Jameson Sr.!
  • Mary Jane Watson - That's right in the two months that were gone, Mj came back! Well...sorta. She leaves a message on Peter's phone that says, "Hey, Tiger, I...I thought you should know I'm--" and then she got cut off becuase his answering machine ran out of tape. What was she trying to tell him? Back in town? Married? Guess we'll find out in the future.

So long story short, very important issue. Thing everybody should who is interested in Spider-Man or where they are going to go with him should pick this one up!
Posted by SilverZeo

The negative impact of OMD seem to lost it's edge.

Posted by The_Martian

There was a negative impact?

Posted by Mr. Wilson


Good review.  I agree on all potins.  Only weak spot in the comic was art.

Posted by The_Martian

I didn't mind the art. It was far from "bad".

Posted by MarvelFan

OMD and BND have ruined Spidey for me. The reason I'm not leaving entirely is because I don't want to be considered bias from fans like how Joe Quesada is bias against the marrage. Im only going to read FEW of the books as an off again on again visitor. I think Joe Q has destroyed this series for me or at least messed it in New Ways to IMAGINE.

If Joe wanted to rewrite continuity why not just write these stories is an ALTERNATE DIMENSION. Joe says he wants younger generations to read these stories yet he places content that more of older people can relate too. If anyone knows DCompose on his review of Spideys world currently than checkout his name on youtube.

This issue was just annoying. It got my attention for the first time in 1 1/2 years and just lost it again. DAMN YOU Psychic spots, Mephisto or whatever the hell happened. Peter did not have to make this deal and now JOE Q is contradicting himself on why he rewote this continuity and how Peters identity is a secret again. Look at New Avengers #51. I also liked it when Aunt May knew Peter was Spidey. It was so mature.

We were all better off without OMD and stuff from the garbage at BND couldve been written the same or slightly Adaptated with the original continuity. Im not buying the new books at all. I ll just read them for free somewhere or stick to synopsis and articles.

Posted by The_Martian

I'm sorry you feel that way Marvelfan, but Spider-Man isn't the first character in comics to get retcon. I'm sure he won't be the last, its just something that happens to "refresh" a series.

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