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Character Assassination made me want to read Spider-man again.

This is how i want my Spider-man stories to be told.

So i got the issue a little late, i rushed down to the nearest comic store and picked the last one up(lucky man), i then unfolded my case and removed the wonderful cover from the case and started to read.
   Now, being a comic fan iv'e read a lot of comics during the course of the month one of them being character assassination. After i read the Straczynski runs years ago i never wanted to read another issue again, a friend of mine boasted about the print and i decided to pick this up. Well me being an idiot i read the issue two times therafter, but what made me become such a fan again was how the story was told, remembering all the old Spider-man no more and hobgoblin arcs and how they made the reader intrigued in all the action and want to be spider-man when the issue was finished. Well that's how i felt when i read this.
     Marc Guggenheim is a writer i can appreciate for making me re-collect the amazing spider-man, for turning an awful series into a legendary and hopefully not to be forgotten one.
     So in my conclusion, the best spider-man print in years and i just can't wait to read more from the amazing spider-man.


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