artjoker's The Amazing Spider-Man #587 - Character Assassination, Part 3 review

Was Ok....

To start I am a huge Spider man fan, I have been enjoying the ASM ever since i got back into the title back when New Ways To Die, which i highly suggest you read if you have not already. anyways i felt that the tension from where the last issue left off really fizzed out in this issue. Now get me wrong, i love what the current writers have been doing, likewise John Romita Jr.'s art has grown on me as well, but to tell you the truth i just wasn't feeling it in this issue. I mean it just felt like everything in this issue has been done already, Spiderman gets arrested, Spiderman goes to Ryker's, Spiderman is about to get his mask removed in an interrogation scene, Super Awesome Lawyeer Man Matt Murdock busts in to save the day and prevent another Civil Warish unmasking! (cause we wouldn't want that), Spiderman is put on trial, meanwhile in the Subplot officer Vin is arrested   nd sent to the same prison as Spiderman, back in prison Spidy finds out Vin is in the same jail, so he sets out to protect him from inmates who just want to show Vin the buissness end of there shankin tool, the story ends with Spidy standin up to the bullys...i mean doesn't it just feel that it;s been done before? I certainly hope that these small showers are leading to a looming storm where all hell breaks loose, like in New Ways To Die. all in all i don't think it wasn't to bad, but rather Ok despite my criticism. i givez it 3/5 stars

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