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This is a Betty Brant coverage story

The first part of the issue is told in Betty Brant's perceptive on her friend Peter Parker, despite what the covers lead you to believe. Besides trying to improve Peter's life, she is looking forward to her birthday coming up and she suspects that Peter has something plan for her and its the opposite of what happens when you think about it.  Despite being a supporting character, if you read any of the issues during Brand New Day with Betty in it, you could probably tell some of the tensions some of her friends have with her you can see it with this issue as well, as Peter tells her the truth about his plans with Betty's birthday. There's also a small part of Betty hooking up Aunt May with someone with a last name you might know.
The artwork looks great. In "Platonic", Barry Kitson provide some nice and simple artwork that goes along with the story as it only provide quick panels or pages of Spider-man and the rest of the issue focusing on Betty life and Peter. The covers of President Barrack Obama look great as well. 
For the initial story, "Platonic" I have no problem with it.
"Spidey Meets The President" was a bit of a letdown. It's a nice and simple story, but the artwork look a bit rushed. The faces look a bit awkward. I kind of expected a little bit more.

The odds of finding a copy with Barrack Obama (any one of them) is very slim and if you do manage to find one in a comic book store or online, be prepared to pay a lot of money depending on which copy you get. It makes a good collector's item if you do manage to get a copy or two though. Minor complaint.
Overall: This was a nice issue in showing that despite Peter's faults, he's still a good guy and Betty knows this. This issue also establish Betty Brant as a character over the time since Brand New Day. She made some mistakes as well, and she's in the same boat as Peter. On top of that, Spider-man couldn't resist doing a story with President Obama (since at that time it was his inauguration) This is a classic issue and one of my favorite issues that came out last year. Everyone have their days and faults. Check it out if you find the issue.
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