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The Molten Man's powers are out of control, setting the world ablaze around him, and destroying his own body and mind within. This is it, his final and brightest burn. And all he cares about is taking Harry Osborn with him! Can Spider-Man pull his best friend's fat out of this fire? And, with what Harry's been up to, should he? All this plus: a secret surprise from Liz Allan, and a major Spider-Mystery is finally solved.

Molten Man is enraged that Harry is at Liz's place.  He vows to kill Harry if it's the last thing he does.  With all the heat he's generating and destruction he's caused, the house is starting to collapse.  Peter manages to grab Liz and Normie before the ceiling can fall on them.  He puts them outside and says they need to get out of there.  Behind their back, he kicks out section of wall and causes more rubble to fall on Molten Man to save Harry.  Harry actually checks to see if Molten Man is okay.  Outside, Peter tells Liz and Normie that Spider-Man is nearby.  Normie is upset as Peter changes behind the fence.

Harry tries talking to Molten Man saying he has something in his car that can save him.  He is soon angered to see Spider-Man show up.  Harry then assumes that Spider-Man was who Peter spoke to on his cell phone.  Spider-Man goes along with that.  As Spider-Man keeps Molten Man occupied, he grabs a device from his care labeled "Oscorp Prometheus X-90."  Liz hands Normie to the neighbors and stops Harry before he can shoot her step-brother.  He tries to explain things to Liz as Molten Man finds himself getting stuck in the melting asphalt of the street.  Harry tells Liz that after he told her he was alive and she'd moved on (not wanting any "crazy Osborn-life) he felt he had to make up for their problems.  Knowing that Molten Man's condition was killing him, he was determined to find a way to save him.  Spider-Man grabs the device from Harry and shoots. 

Later, paramedics are treating Mark Raxton, seemingly cured.  Things are better between Harry and Liz now. She gives him back the ring he asked for and she hopes he has better luck with it this time. 

The Bookie has finally managed to figure out who the Spider-Tracer Killer is.  Before he can figure out how to make money off the information, his door is kicked in.  He is slapped with a Spider-Tracer as a pair of hands reaches out to grab him.

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