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When a bizarre criminal endangers his Aunt May, Peter Parker is determined to bring him to justice. But who is this strange, faceless felon? How can Spider-Man stop a guy who can slip through his webbing? And, hey, what's Pete's pal Joe Robertson been up to? New York Times best selling author and veteran Spider-writer Roger Stern and artist Lee Weeks (SPIDER-MAN: DEATH & DESTINY, CAPTAIN MARVEL) join forces to tell the story we could only call "Fill in the Blank!" Honest!

Peter gets a call on his cell phone from Aunt May. She's at a bank and it's being robbed by the Blank. Spider-Man rushes over just as the Blank is walking out. It seems that Spidey's webs and punches slide off the Blank. He manages to escape so Peter returns to check on Aunt May.

At the bank he runs into former police friend and current FBI Agent, Ray Donovan. He finds out that the Blank has become a sort of folk hero by robbing banks that were predatory lenders. The reality is, the Blank is trying to get enough money to pay a doctor that can remove the force field device that has bonded to his central nervous system after his team-up with Gravitron.

Peter then plants a spider-tracer on Donovan in order to be there when they track down the Blank. Spider-Man defeats the Blank (by webbing him in a giant ball) and takes Aunt May out for dinner.

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