cm_cameron's The Amazing Spider-Man #578 - Unscheduled Stop Part 1 review

VidReview #2 - The Amazing Spider-Man #578

My Second video review. Fortunately, my comic displaying skills have improved since the last one (I must have leveled up).

  Thanks for watching.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

glad to see you doing video reviews

Posted by CM_Cameron
Thanks. I'm still a bit nervous about the whole thing, but I think it's going relatively well so far.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@CM_Cameron: I do video reviews also and i have been doing them for a while now. So, the advice i can give you is that pretend that the camera is not there and you are just explaining your thoughts on a comic to your friend. When i do my video I sometimes forget the camera is ever there. But I do it on a webcam so it may be easier to forget the camera is there. So, the nerves will go away once you get in your comfort zone. 
Posted by CM_Cameron
@haydenclaireheroes: I'm hoping that's the case. You're actually one of the users here who gave me the idea of doing video reviews on this site, so any advice you can give me is welcome.

Thanks for your help. =)
Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@CM_Cameron: I am sure it is the case. I am glad that I gave you the idea. Do you watch my video reviews?

If you ever need help. I am here. Trust me I kno how hard it can be
Posted by CM_Cameron
@haydenclaireheroes:  I do, and I enjoy them quite a bit.

Thanks for the offer. =)
Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@CM_Cameron: I am glad

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