kingoblivionphd's The Amazing Spider-Man #569 - New Ways To Die, Part Two: The Osborn Supremacy review

Slightly confusing

This issue continues what I think is a good run of Brand New Day stories, especially the ones written by Dan Slott.

But it raises a lot of questions. How do Venom and Norman Osborn not know that Peter is Spider-Man but have the same histories with him? Also, it seems that Pete remembers that people like Venom and Osborn at one time knew his secret identity. I hope these questions get cleared up. Personally, it may have been better to simply avoid these minute details, but Slott addresses them directly, and it does little except remind readers of the events of One More Day. Probably not a good thing.

Otherwise, the story's pretty fun, and the introduction of Anti-Venom, while predictable, is done well. The set-up for it last issue did a good job of leading up to it.

John Romita Jr.'s art is mostly as good as usual, but looks sketchy in spots. Also, the coloring seems to be off in some spots, making it look like Norman's sporting a buzz cut.


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