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It's a good old fashioned He Said/He Said/He Said when Spidey, Vin Gonzales and SWING SHIFT Heavy OVERDRIVE find themselves in a car chase across the Big Apple! Three members of our Braintrust's best give you each side of the same story, as Gale, Guggenheim and Slott team up for “TRAFFIC JAM!”


The story starts of with Spider-Man chasing Overdrive in one of his "tricked out" vehicles. When Spidey finally catches up with him, he punches Overdrive right in the face, when punched in the face, Overdrive couldn't control the car and it crashes and flips into the air. Officer Vin Gonzales in his civilian clothes saw what happened and he calls the police and he pursuits on foot. Spider-Man then uses his webbing and catches Overdrive's car in the air and webbed it in between two buildings. Overdrive escapes the car by punching Spider-Man but before Spider-Man could get off the car, Officer Gonzales attempts to arrest him. Spider-Man then said that he can't arrest him and that he was the good guy so he swings off to catch Overdrive.

Overdrive then gets into a school bus and then "tricks out" the school bus making it black, Spider-Man jumps in and kicks Overdrive in the face and then persuades Overdrive to surrender but then Overdrive said that he had a better idea and he pointed and shot the Sonic Pulse Generator at Spider-Man causing him to fall out of the bus but Spider-Man hangs on with his web, Overdrive then takes the wheel. Spider-Man then decided to go for Plan B and starts creating a "web bag" at the back of bus. Spider-Man takes on Overdrive again but this time, he snatches the Sonic Pulse Generator off him and shoots it to the back of the bus causing the back door to open. Spider-Man tells the children on the bus to jump into the web bag and they did so and Spider-Man takes the web bag of the bus. When Spider-Man turned back, Overdrive was no longer at the wheel.

We then leave that scene and we go to The Bronx about an hour later where Vin Gonzales tell Detective Simmons what happened but before he started telling him what happened, he told Detective Simmons that Peter Parker put him in a bad mood. Peter was looking for a job over on the phone but he was overheard by Gonzales and they had a argument and Gonzales told Peter that he didn't want to see his face for the rest of the day while he took his father to a baseball game. While they were walking to the stadium, the Spider-Man and Overdrive incident happened. When Spider-Man escaped, Gonzales went on a taxi and chased the school bus but when Gonzales got there, Overdrive had already escaped but he did see Spider-Man again when Spider-Man was helping the children in the webbing. Gonzales had his gun out again but this time Spider-Man shot his webbing out at the gun and blocking it. After hearing that, Detective Simmons told Gonzales not to try and be a cop 24/7, he reminded him that he'll end up with no friends, no family, and no life. We then see Gonzales' dad sitting in the stadium by himself.

We then go one hour later in the Brooklyn Navy Yard where Mr. Negative and his men beat Overdrive because Overdrive didn't complete the task Mr. Negative set him. Overdrive then explained what happened... Overdrive drove a monster truck into the labratory and grabed the Sonic Pulse Generator and ran off into another car with it but that was when Spider-Man appeared, Overdrive managed to escape when Spider-Man was evacuating the children in the school bus. After he crawled out of the shcool bus, he stole a motorcycle and used his power on it once again. Mr. Negative then told Overdrive that he has heard enough and asked him where the Sonic Pulse Generator was and Overdrive told him that it was in police custody, we then see Carlie Cooper putting the Sonic Pulse Generator in a bag and talking to Vin. Carlie said that she was proud of Vin and Vin then asked Carlie if she wanted to meet his dad.
We then go back to where Mr. Negative and Overdrive was and Mr. Negative told his men to dipose him and the men put him into the trunk of the Mr. Negative's limo. Overdrive then escapes by converting Mr. Negative's limo into one of his own, one of the man asked what he should do now and Mr. Negative told him to dispose of the men who put Overdrive in there.

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