blazing_eagle's The Amazing Spider-Man #561 - Peter Parker: Paparazzi, Part 3 of 3: Photo Finished review

It is Clear! Brand New Day was created to please Quesada's Ego

This was my very first copy I read of the Brand New Day timeline.  I found reading this comic was just like reading a Spiderman comicbook from the 1970's. There's only one problem with that WE ARE NO LONGER IN THE 1970'S ARE WE?!!!!

It was clear to me that the writers were trying to bring back some of the storyline elements that were considered popular in the 1970's. Elements like romantic drama and romantic comedy were very popular to use in science fiction comicbooks during the 1960's and 1970's. But story elements like those previouse mention and the old styles used by the writers are no longer popular nor are they consider contempory in today's comicbook industry.

After reading this story it was very clear that the only reason Joe Quesada wrote the 'One More Day' storyline was to bring Spiderman back to a time where he enjoyed the Spiderman comicbook as a adolescent which in this case happens be during the 1970's where Peter Parker was a single undergraduate college student. Considering that Joe Quesada was born in 1962 the same year that Spiderman debuted clearly proves my point.

But all hope is not lost for throughout the entire story Mary Jane clearly states and shows the she remembers her former married life she had with Peter. She keeps stating "We were together in a another life." Therefore it is obivous Mary Jane talked Mephisto into savoring her memories of her marriage to Peter.

Therefore when Marvel finally fixes the continuity mess caused by Joe Quesada. Mary Jane's memories of her past life will play an intregral role in the story.

But as long as Joe Quesada is still Editor in Chief, the continutiy problem will continue exist....



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