spiderfan001's The Amazing Spider-Man #559 - Peter Parker, Paparazzi: The Money Shot review

Typical Parkour Luck

Another solid issue. The idea of Peter Parker becoming a paparazzi photographer may raise a few eyebrows but Dan Slott does a great job of making it work. The reactions of Peter's friends and family to his new job was handled perfectly. This issue also sees the introduction of two new Spidey villains; both female. It's about time Spidey got some new female villains in his rogues gallery because aside from the Black Cat and Commanda, none really spring to mind. What do you mean you don't know who Commanda is?

I'm digging Marcos Martin's artwork, the entire sequence of Peter escaping from security was wonderfully drawn. As always with Slott, this issue is jam packed with great one liners, and a fresh take on Spider-Man's universe.

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