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“Sometimes It Snows In April” (Come on it’s a Prince reference from 20 years ago! The day of the massively unhip editor is upon us) continues with Spidey caught in the middle of two ancient threats that are conspiring to take him and the city itself down. Plus, Carlie trapped at the Police Station with someone after her blood! 
Spider-Man learns Rabin sent him after the researchers in order to lead the Deity to Mary and Dave, his sacrifices. Meanwhile, Rabin takes Carlie prisoner and uses a snowcat to escape the police station. He uses his connection to the Deity to arrive where it and Spidey are fighting. Things look bleak until Vern arrives with some of his homeless friends. They launch Molotov at the Deity. Spidey throws his utility belt into the fire to bind the Deity in webbing long enough for the clock on its ascension to run out, causing him to disappear until the next cosmic alignement of Uayep: the time when a man can merge with a god of mischief. Spidey knocks out Rabin, and in a few days things return to normal.

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