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Wow this was a great issue! The art was amazing, and the story flowed very well. I don't really know why Mary Jane couldn't be involved in a story like that but hey watch gonna do. Anyways I believe the freak storyline will be a fan favorite in the future almost reminds me of the lizard story form way back when. I believe that this storyline has room for Doc Connors to enter the story maybe next week or the week after. Some of the comedy in this issue was overused but, what can you do they're doing their best to make Spidey wise Cracking again! anyways I recommend this book to all Spidey fans...notice that I didn't put any spoilers in here. So this is on my weekly recommended, and just because there was a drastic change in Spidey story lines doesn't mean to stop buying the book...because it is amazing, which lives up to its title!



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