spiderfan001's The Amazing Spider-Man #551 - Lo, There Shall Come A MENACE!! review

A Strong Finish

Guggenheim's first Spidey run ends on a high note with a death that is sure to have an effect on the Webslinger and his friends. This death also makes Jackpot a slightly less annoying and more sympathetic character. The mystery surrounding her identity also looks intriguing. The Daily Bugle subplot continues to be the best part of Guggenheim's run, as Dexter Bennett is proving to be a much more likable guy then Jameson. Larroca's art looks better in this issue, but still pales in comparison to what he's doing in Ultimate X-Men.

Not all is well however, the mystery of her identity aside Jackpot is still pretty lame. Guggenheim doesn't do much to differentiate Menace from all the other Goblin themed villains. You know, just because you acknowledge that your rehashing an older concept in the story doesn't mean it's excusable. Menace doesn't have any defining characteristics of his own and as a result he comes off as another generic Green Goblin rip off. Spider-Man 5 villain my ass...

Despite some bumps on the road, BND is still an entertaining read. Overall I prefer Slott's first run to Guggenheim's, though they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Bob Gale has quite an act to follow...


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