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Jackpot! Spidey vs. the Police! Menace! Triumphs, twists, turns and tragedy pack these two issues by Marc Guggenheim and Salvador Larrocca. And would you believe...Spider-Man sued? (Hey, that's what we get for having a former lawyer write these things...)

Spider-Man finds himself face-to-face with a "hero" named Blue Shield. He is there to place him under arrest. Jackpot apologizes to Spider-Man and pins his arms behind his back. With a tight grip on him, Blue Shield is able to attempt to remove his mask. Halfway off, Spider-Man breaks free when they get distracted by a maniacal laugh in the background.

Jumping up, he grabs onto the bottom of the Menace's glider. Taking a cue from Blue Shield, Spider-Man grabs Menace by the face in order to remove his mask. Spider-Man is zapped by an electrical blast and falls off Menace's back. He lands in the water below by the edge of a dock. Menace grabs him and tells him that was a warning. To show him he's not bluffing, he slices Spider-Man's chest and leaves. Too weak, Spider-Man passes out on the edge of the dock.

Spider-Man wakes up to a cup of coffee courtesy of Jackpot. She tells him she came back to stake out Menace's warehouse in the daylight. Spider-Man asks her what her name is again and says she reminds him of someone. She asks if he's going to tell her his name. He says it's "Flash Thompson." Spider-Man tells her it's her turn. She replies, "...Sara Ehret." Inside the warehouse they find blueprints to the Apollo Theatre in Harlem.

Later Peter calls Lily to find out if Harry was with her last night. She says yes and wonders why he's asking. He manages to avoid answering. Lily seems to understand and tells Peter she won't tell Harry he asked.

In the hospital, J. Jonah Jameson is awake and yelling about Parker. He says it's his fault he had a heart attack. When his complaints and threats almost gets a nurse to reveal that he no longer runs the Daily Bugle, Marla is able to prevent him from finding out just then.

In a law office, one of the workers at the Bugle that was attacked by Menace is talking to a lawyer. He claims that Spider-Man knocked him off the building and wants to sue him. The lawyer says they can go ahead with it. They'll serve him publicly in the papers. When he defaults on his court appearance, all they'll have to do is wait for Spider-Man to mess up and they'll be able to nail him.

Peter goes to the "DB" with photos of Menace, hoping for the ten grand bonus. Dexter Bennett tells him the photos are bad and he won't use them. They're not the quality he wants for the new DB. He also tells him that he still has a chance to earn the bonus.

Peter then tries investigating the spider-tracer murder. Betty Brant is able to help him get a lead on the detective in charge. Peter arranges an anonymous meeting with the officer. Meeting in the police evidence locker, Spider-Man sees that the tracer found was one of his older models that he doesn't use anymore. The sergeant then reveals that this wasn't just one killing. There's been five victims in the past three months. He tells Spider-Man that he has to hold him for questioning.

It's showtime at the Apollo as two mayoral candidates are having a debate. Menace arrives to cause havoc. When Spider-Man sees an explosion in the direction of Harlem, he tells the officer that he has work to do. As he starts going out the window, he finds several helicopters waiting for him.

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