brewski420's The Amazing Spider-Man #545 - One More Day, Part 4 review


this is a really deep issue. this issue shows how deep peter and mjs love is. but it also shows how much they are willing to throw away to save one persons life. aunt may lays in a hospital bed dying and mephisto shows up and offers them a deal. he will save may parkers life but in return he wants for their marrige to have never happened. they discus the term and agree to mephistos deal. the demon, before he erases the marrige he shows them the daughter they will not have. mj also makes an unheard deal with mephisto that we have yet to find out what though. at the end of the issue we see peters new single life. peter meets up with a couple friends and we see none other then harry osborn alive again. that was cool.(he had previously been dead. back in spectacular spider-man #200)

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    Worst Spider-Man story of all time. 0

    The worst Spider-Man story of all time. I don't think you could make a Spider-Man story worse if you even tried. Quesada is simply wrong that the marriage made Spidey older since it didn't. None of this story makes any sense. I'd rate it zero except that the rating system won't allow me to do so. It was an unneeded unwanted editorial mandate that added nothing of value....

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