shajaki's The Amazing Spider-Man #545 - One More Day, Part 4 review

you know, i really gave them more credit than this.

i did. they get rid of mj and the past years worth of fantastic writing in one fel swoop. i thought the unmasked/civil war and back in black stories were the best ive read in years. those were tales fifty some years in the making. and now its all for nothing.

and one of the things is that anyone and everyone could have seen this coming. which is why i thought it had to be going in a completely different direction. but then they went and did the obvious. bravo boys.

A lot of writers seem to miss the fact that Spidey is supposed to have problems, not have his entire life turned upside down every nanosecond. when does peter ever get to be happy?

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    Worst Spider-Man story of all time. 0

    The worst Spider-Man story of all time. I don't think you could make a Spider-Man story worse if you even tried. Quesada is simply wrong that the marriage made Spidey older since it didn't. None of this story makes any sense. I'd rate it zero except that the rating system won't allow me to do so. It was an unneeded unwanted editorial mandate that added nothing of value....

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