amber's The Amazing Spider-Man #543 - Back In Black (Part 5 of 5): An Incident on the Fourth Floor review

Back in Grey not Black

I've been reading "Amazing" for about a year now and it's just not as amazing as the rabid fanboys make it out to be. I do enjoy it but I'm at the point where I don't want to spend my cash on it anymore.

I expected a lot more from the Back in Black mini. Peter doesn't get any more dark and creepy than a high school goth girl. I really wanted to see him driven over the edge, not just up to it like he did when he pummeled Kingpin (decent scene). In this issue, having Peter never appear as Spider-Man was a rather unique touch (I guess if there can be Captain America books without Captain America, ok, go Marvel). The fact that he did commit some crimes was about as gritty as the creators were willing to go. At least it's something.

This ending script is again, just okay. If you're a fan, by all means pick it up but I certainly don't have high hopes for the complete change in structure that will come in the fall.

Nine felonies - none of them murder.


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