spiderfan001's The Amazing Spider-Man #543 - Back In Black (Part 5 of 5): An Incident on the Fourth Floor review

Peter Parker: Criminal

The last chapter of the Back in Black storyline does not disappoint, although it could be considered a seperate story all on its own. Basically, it shows us where Peter is in his life right now, what he's been reduced to, and the sheer hopelessness of his situation. It's an emotional roller coaster ride for both Peter and MJ, and it is expressed beautifully by Ron Garney's artwork, which makes it all the more disappointing that this was his last issue. Anyone who is currently unfamiliar with the current status of Spider-Man and is looking to get into him come One More Day would benefit from picking up this issue. One More Day also looks to be the last Spidey story for JMS, whose proven to be a fantastic Spider-Man writer when not writing about mystical Spider-totem crap. He had a great run, and one can't deny that he reinvigorated the Spider-Man, Mary Jane and Aunt May characters after the tag team of Howard Mackie and John Bryne nearly screwed them up. Tip'o'the hat to JMS, I'm not quite sure what to expect from One More Day, but it sure as hell has my attention.


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    The Back in Black storyline finally comes to a close. Some people didn't like the idea because it was obviously trying to tie in to the Spider-Man 3 movie, while others where disappointed that the black costume was just a costume, and not the alien symbiote. After a few issues the black costume was no longer a factor for the story. Although it did fit the "darker" Peter Parker as he was driven to the breaking point, it was hardly the focal point of the arc. Issue #542 seemed to have a logical co...

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