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No one’s paid the price for Civil War more than Peter Parker. Now, one of his worst fears has been realized. A tragedy from which he might never recover. And if that weren’t enough – he’s a fugitive, hunted, on the run. Black isn’t just the color of his costume – it’s a state of mind. Get on board here, True Believer, as we gear up for an event that will forever change the life of your favorite web-slinger. There IS no going back. 
Mary Jane tells Peter that May requires life support. Having gotten the names of four black market gun dealers from the man he terrorized, Spidey savagely interrogates each in turn, throwing the fourth out his penthouse window before snagging him with webbing. The petrified dealer gives up a name: Jack Martino. Spidey uses a police car's onboard computer to find Jack's adress. He finds the apartment empty but the landlord informs him that Martino left recently for Grand Central Station, and that two men were looking for Jack as well. At Grand Central, Spidey quickly finds Martino merciless beating him and breaking his arm. However, Martino is shot before he can say who hired him. Spidey attaches a spider-tracer to the heel of the fleeing gunman and follows Jock to County Memorial hospital. There, MJ tells Peter that May is not going to make it. As Peter looks in on May, Jack dies on the operating table. However, Peter senses the spider-tracer nearby and finds the killer talking on his cell phone. Webbing the killer's mouth shut, Peter takes the phone and recognizes the voice on the other end: the Kingpin.

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Black is always cooler Pt. 2 0

   The second installment of the back in black arc is the continuation of the page bursting collage of Spider-man's vendetta against the lone gunmen who gunned down his defenseless aunt.      This issue follows the first installment. Peter's aunt May has been shot, in a fit of rage he hurls an automobile at the gunmen, missing him by a hair, but leaving a clue behind. He dawns his signature black suit, and swears revenge. In this issue he follows the trail left by the gunmen, leading him to a bl...

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