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There's no turning back now. Peter has made the most important decision of his life. As the sides square off for the looming Civil War, he'll have to live with it. Now the big question is, what will this decision cost him? Part 2 (of 6). Spider-Man has revealed himself to the world as being Peter Parker. We see the reaction of those who know Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

After revealing his identity to the public, much to the rage of J. Jonah Jameson, Peter worries so much about his decision that he throws up in the White House bathroom. Arriving back in New York, Peter discovers Jameson is suing him. While many of his pasts friends and enemies react to the revelation of his identity, Peter enjoys a night with MJ before Tony's televised press conference announces that Spider-Man will help apprehend rogue superhumans who refuse to register. Angry that Tony did not ask him first, Peter goes out for some air with MJ but they are stalled by a group of reporters, from which a gunman appears and attempts to shoot Peter. Peter stops the gunman and eventually confronts Iron Man, who apologizes for not telling him of his new role but reminds him that he promised to support Tony no matter what. Iron Man takes Spidey to meet other pro-Registration Act heroes who are prepared to confront their rogue allies.

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