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The Amazing Spider-Man 531

Having already read Civil War, it's interesting to read this after the fact.  This is the final episode of a three part story line that follows Pete and Iron Man presenting information to a Senate hearing regarding the Superhero Registration Act.  Unlike what you might expect, at this stage, Stark is against the Act and is trying, alongside Peter, to convince the Senate not to go ahead with the legislation.  I know what you're thinking.  Hmmm.  Senate Hearings.  Great comic book potential.  Okay, this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but I felt that JMS puts forward the arguments compellingly here and I actually enjoyed this part of the book moreso than the obligatory slap bang wallop with Titanium Man at the beginning.  There's also some nice stuff with Pete getting distracted at the Lincoln Memorial, as JMS contrasts (and teases) what is going on at present with the American Civil War.  There is a hair on the back of your neck moment when Tony and Pete talk about how Lincoln had the courage to follow through his convictions, Pete noting particularly because it ended in Lincoln's assassination (I'm guessing JMS was up to speed with what was going to happen with Cap at this point).  There's also a nice ending, revealing Tony to be more machiavellian than what we may have given him credit for.  This is a great starting point for anyone wanting to read Civil War or, like me, for those of us who have read it and like a bit of extra background.

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