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Peter Parker’s trip to Washington with his boss Tony Stark has been a real doozy. As if suffering politicians who want to impose all sort of new rules on guys like him isn’t enough, he’s also got to deal with the monstrous might of the Titanium Man! Good thing for Spidey, his new costume’s got some very special features...Get ready, True Believer. The clouds are quickly building on the horizon for a storm that will shake the entire Marvel Universe next month! Part 3 (of 3). 
Spidey and Titanium Man fly past the Washington Monument and battle near the Lincoln Memorial. Titanium Man gets Spidey in a chokehold but the web-slinger strikes back with his waldo arms, damaging his opponent's helmet sensors. Titanium Man flees. The next day, Tony Stark submits a recording of the Titanium Man gloating that the Superhuman Registration Act will leave America defenseless. Spidey appears at the Senate hearing, vouching for the authenticity of Tony's recording and giving a powerful speech. Senator Dickerson tells Spidey that he'll have to unmask and take an oath if he wants his speech to go on record? Spidey declines. As the two men leave the hearing, Peter suspects Tony's involvment in the Titanium Man's attack, but Tony doesn't admit to it. Later, Iron Man visits Titanium Man and pays him in unmarked bills for his cooperation. Back at Avengers Tower, Peter dozes off while MJ showers, unaware of breaking news from Stamford, Connecticut involving 600 deaths and the super hero Speedball.

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