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Clothes make the man. At least that's what Tony Stark seems to think. Transformed by his experiences during "The Other" saga, Peter Parker stands poised for the next chapter of his life. And to mark the occasion, Tony has got a very special present: a new Spider-Man costume that's certain to raise eyebrows!

The Road to Civil War

*heat vision

*rocket boosters

*carbon filters around mouth to keep out toxins

*microwave GPS comunication system

*titanium chest plate

Peter and MJ are awakened by Tony Stark's voice, coming through a bird statue in their room, asking Peter to visit him in his lab. There, Tony presents Peter with a new armored Spider-Man costume. An hour later, Spidey tests it out by taking on two crooks on FDR Drive, having to use the gliding feature of his suit to get to them. He saves their hostage, then protects her with his body when one crook shoots at them. Although hit in the back, his new costume protects him. That night, Peter and MJ meet Tony for dinner, where he tells them he would like to hire Peter full-time as his protege. Peter agrees and Tony hands him a summons from the Senate Metahumans Investigations Commitee. "Pack your bags", Tony tells Peter "because we're going to Washington".

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