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THE SPIDER-MAN CROSSOVER EVENT OF THE DECADE ENDS HERE! The fourth and final month of "The Other," a startling super-story spanning four months that has turned the wall-crawler's world upside down! The next stage in Spidey's history starts here, True Believer! Changes take many forms. Peter Parker's stared into the abyss -- but did stare back into him? Or is he better armed for the next chapter of his life...a chapter that will transform his world even further...and, indeed, the entire Marvel Universe? 
Tony tests Peter, discovering he has a rejuvenated body and enhanced spider-abiliteis. Thousands of pirate spiders appear, consume Peter's discarded body and coalesce in Ero, a counter-balance to the Great Weaver. Spidey battles Ero but ir escapes. Tony continues to test Peter, uncertain whether he is real or an impersonator. Spidey, on patrol, drops off his shirt, badly sewn by MJ, at Leo's tailor shop, the heads out shirtless to help a collapsed building site. Discovering enhanced night vision, new clinging powers, and the ability to sense vibrations through his webbing, he rescues a little girl. Back home, MJ assuages Peter's fears of being a monster by suggesting that he can think of himself as free from the past. Eavesdropping, Tony is finally convinced that Peter is all right. He gets back to work on a new Spider-Man costume.

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