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It's cover-to-cover action as Spider-Man faces off against Morlun - and this time there's no Ezekiel to help him. Sit down for this one, True Believer - you've never seen a fight quite like this, as Spidey faces the one foe he's never beaten!

With Reed Richard, Hank Pym, Bill Foster, Bruce Banner, and T'Challa unable to help, Spidey goes to Dr. Strange who tells him the forces against him are unstoppable and to prepare to die. As the Parkers prepare for Peter's coming demise, Morlun prepares to feast. Morlun attacks Spidey on the Daily Bugle's roof. Their fight takes them into J. Jonah Jameson's office, through the newsroom and out again to Empire State University's Science Hall. In spite of Spidey's courageous efforts, Morlun is not slowed down. Instead, he plucks out Spidey's left eye and eats it, then bludgeons the web-slinger into a bloody pulp.

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