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It's an action-packed extravaganza as the hordes of Hydra make a final push to take over the United States!! And it's up to everyone's favorite red, white, and blue web-slinger to make sure that "Hail Hydra" isn't the new national anthem!

Peter Parker wakes up to the sound of his cell-phone, as Robbie calls to offer support to Peter, in response to seeing the tabloid story showing Mary Jane entering Stark Tower after hours. Peter goes to talk to her, only to get harassed by Logan, who Peter promptly shoves through an "unbreakable" glass window, letting him fall down all the way to street level.

Peter and Mary Jane talk over what has happened, as MJ apoloizes for the mess she's gotten them in. Tony Stark comes in, and tells Peter that the man he rescued the night before was most likely HYDRA, as the man who took out was actually on Lascombe's private payroll. Jarvis tries to comfort May, by putting hs arm around her, when he realizes his gesture and removes his hand. May tells him she didn't tell him to remove it, and he gladly puts it back. Logan comes back up to the tower, rellatively unharmed, as Tony wonders how the glass was broken in the first place.

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