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A tale so mighty it required two of Marvel’s most powerful pencilers to bring it to you! Featuring the astonishing duo of Mike Deodato and Mark Brooks penciling a tale penned by the sensational J. Michael Straczynski. When a former classmate of Peter Parker’s is caught in a horrific experiment, he blames Peter for the resulting transformation… But is Peter to blame? And how will Peter react when someone targets his personal life instead of Spider-Man’s life, for a change?

Blaming him for everything, Charlie demands Peter cash a check for him before his account is frozen by the authorities. Peter agrees to meet Charlie later at the United Bank. In the time between, he ensures that MJ and May are safely hidden in a hotel. Having snuck back in his home, Charlie sees Rich and Sheila, now married, on TV talking about him. Enraged, he goes to their home and kills them, then goes to meet Peter, but finds Spidey waiting instead. Seeing Charlie drenched in blood, a shocked Spidey blurts out his name, making Charlie think Peter betrayed him by siccing Spidey on him. With his web-resistant skin and enhanced strenght, Charlie evades Spidey and arrives at May's home, seeking to kill her.

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