cm_cameron's The Amazing Spider-Man #50 - Spider-Man No More! review

Another Look At Life Brought To You By Parker And Company

Have you ever forgotten something? Have you ever forgotten something really important, like that one time you were supposed to pick up your child/little brother/embodiment of pure innocence two hours ago? You probably have. Everyone does it at some point. But have you ever forgotten something so important to you that it makes up who you are and gives the reasons for what you do? Peter Parker has.

In this issue, Peter's lost sight of why he does what he does. Why he fights to protect those who outwardly despise and fear him. He's lost sight of who he is, and because of that, the voice of doubt creeps into his mind and takes hold of him. He starts to believe J.J.'s hatred of Spider-Man is justified, that he really is a menace, not a force for good, and he hangs up his costume. He gets his head back on straight by the end of the issue, though and realizes that, if he doesn't go into action, innocent people get hurt. People who, despite their misplaced aggression, he's taken up the responsibility to protect so that no one else has to lose their Uncle Ben.

The outcome may be predictable, but it's the process of Peter going from point A to B that is most enjoyable. We get to see a fully realized character arc and watch Pete learn and change in this issue.

So far, most of my favorite Spider-Man comics have been ones where there really is no super villain (externally, anyway). The series really shines when it focuses on the person behind the mask instead of the mask itself. This one in particular is going to stick with me for a long time. It'll probably stick with you for a long time too.

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