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Peter Parker and Mary Jane serendipitously get stranded in the same Colorado airport after flying across the country in an attempt to see each other but missing. While waiting for the weather to clear the two begin to patch up their rocky marriage, but unfortunately they are interrupted by another stuck traveler, DR. DOOM!

DOOM is suddenly attacked by Latverian freedom fighters, but Spider-Man and an undercover Captain America arrive just in time to save the besieged dictator, as well as the nearby innocents. DOOM is indebted to Spidey for his assistance, but considers his debt paid when he mercifully decides not to squash the mouthy little bug.

After a job well done (and with MJ and Pete enjoying a tearful reunion during which they once again realize just how much they mean to each other,) MJ is introduced to Cap who imparts some parting words of wisdom on the couple. MJ trades in her ticket to L.A. for ones to New York, and she and Peter take a romantic walk in the Rockies.

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My favorite issue! 0

I completely love this issue. This has and probably always will be my favorite issue. To me this has just about everything A Spider-Man story should have. Action, Drama, Humor, and good Characterization. The cover is something that has always stuck to me ever since I first read it. This will probably Always be my favorite Spider-Man story....

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Bloodwolf's 100th Review 0

Wow… 100 reviews. Since I’ve started at this humble website nearly a year ago I’ve written 100 reviews of new comics, old favorites, feature films and Secret Six. I figured my 100 review should be something special, or rather, special to me. This is not a noteworthy comic, it didn’t break any new ground, it is simply what I think of when I recall a time when I was a young kid just starting to get into comic books. And of course, it comes from the great mind of J. Michael Straczynski.Spiderman an...

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