etragedy's The Amazing Spider-Man #5 - Marked For Destruction By Dr. Doom review

The Problem with This Issue is a Problem with Dr. Doom In General

Spider-Man meets Doctor Doom in this issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. It has a nice complex plot thanks to about a dozen pages of setup that go something like this: J. Jonah Jameson buys TV time to blast Spider-Man in an editorial. One of the viewers happens to be Dr. Doom who thinks that Spider-Man would make the perfect ally in his fight against the Fantastic Four. He manages to contact Spider-Man, but Spidey wants no part of it and flees. Meanwhile, Flash Thompson decides to scare Peter Parker by dressing up like Spider-Man. Dr. Doom, who is tracking Spider-Man sees Thompson in the Spider-Man costume and grabs him by mistake. Then Doom takes to the airwaves, demanding a confrontation with the FF or he'll kill his hostage 'Spider-Man'.

The biggest problem with this issue is Doctor Doom. In his early days, Doctor Doom was actually a pretty uninteresting villain. His entire schtick involves an endless array of gadgets, and some of them are pretty silly. He originally contacts Spider-Man with a 'Spider-Wave Transmitter' and later tracks him with a gadget that "reacts to a spider's impulses the way a Geiger counter reacts to uranium'. Once Spider-Man shows up at his lair, it's an endless parade of robots and mechanical weapons.

And then, worst of all, there's a pretty predictable ending which has Spider-Man not even rescuing Flash or defeating Doom. It's almost as if Stan Lee knew he could do better when he announces on the splash page that 'This may not be the greatest story ever written!'


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