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Not Quite There Yet 0

Spiderman meets the nefarious Dr. Doom in this issue. Dr. Doom hopes to recruit Spiderman, then of course when he is finished with him, destroy him. I liked many aspects of the book. I did not like the frequent use of Doom Bots, one of the worst creations from Marvel, along with Nick Furys LMD's . Every time Spiderman thinks he has the upper hand, "no You fool, that was a Doom Bot" Still, it was a fun book. At this point the side characters are nothing more than caricatures, only around to say ...

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Destruction By Doctor Doom 0

This was the first issue in the title to feature an already existing villain going up against Spider-Man. Maybe they had to take a break from trying to create a new villain, You really couldn't find a better villain in the Marvel Universe for Spidey to face off against. Doom has always been the most feared villain in the history of the Marvel Universe and at the top of the Rogues Gallery of villains for the Fantastic Four but Spider-Man versus Dr. Doom seems like a little mismatch. Its the First...

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When Extreme Mismatches Become Epic:The Amazing Spider-Man #5 0

So if you look at the cover, you can already see Doom's talkin sh#t. Why? Because he knows Spider-Man is no match for him and Spider-Man knows it as well. This is one of those issues where Spider-Man is just on top of his game. First of all, I don't really get why Doom, tried to get into combat with Spider-Man but Spider-Man had some real tricks up his sleeve. This comic have some of the most creative uses of webbing I have seen in a comic.I don't know if scientifically they really work but they...

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Dumb Dumb Doom! 0

The cover: 3 stars This cover is the poorest one to date, it’s not that it’s that bad, it’s just … I hate to say it … Steve just doesn’t draw Doctor Doom very well. Doom looks really stiff and wooden, while Spidey is animated; worst of all Doom has large eyeholes in his mask showing a lot of pink skin. Take Doom off the cover and it would be four stars. Marked For Destruction By Dr. Doom (21 pages) This is the most frustrating issue to date, parts of the story are as good as the previous issue, ...

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Why? 0

Ok so re-reading my Marvel Masterworks copy of Spidey this one i felt was the least intriguing. Spidey takes on Doom ugh! Ok Doom good for Fantastic 4 or every 150 and 250 issue of Iron Man. For Spidey he seemed a little out of character and quite idiotic like he was dumbed down or maybe like me after being intimate having a blonde moment.Of course the same old in every issue JJ hating Spidey and Peter's school mates loving Spidey and Flash Thompson always picking on Peter(he was useless in the ...

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Marked For Destruction By Dr. Doom 0

Coming off the heels of four fantastic issues, this month's issue which sees the series go monthly as Spider-Man sets himself up against the Fantastic Four's nemesis Doctor Doom is the weakest offering yet. While not a bad issue by any means—and heaven knows we've had plenty over the past few months—this apparently inevitable clashing of Doom and Spidey is kind of fun, but relies too heavily on splitting the comic right down the middle for setup and action. What worked most about previous issues...

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Bad Bad Comic 0

This comic is poorly written. Doctor Doom is poorly written. He seems to be unintelligent, and is not able to for see spiderman's plan. This comic questions seems to be unintelligent. The webbing usage is stupid, and does not make sense. Marvel supposed to be realistic, not imaginative. 1 out of 5....

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The Problem with This Issue is a Problem with Dr. Doom In General 0

Spider-Man meets Doctor Doom in this issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. It has a nice complex plot thanks to about a dozen pages of setup that go something like this: J. Jonah Jameson buys TV time to blast Spider-Man in an editorial. One of the viewers happens to be Dr. Doom who thinks that Spider-Man would make the perfect ally in his fight against the Fantastic Four. He manages to contact Spider-Man, but Spidey wants no part of it and flees. Meanwhile, Flash Thompson decides to scare Peter Parke...

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