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Dr. Doom hears one of J. Jonah Jameson's news broadcasts about how much of a menace Spider-Man is. Jameson offers a $1000 reward to anyone that can disclose the true identity of the masked menace. Dr. Doom had just recently been defeated by the Fantastic Four and thinks that Spider-Man would make an excellent ally in getting his revenge against them.Dr. Doom sends a message to Spider-Man through his spider senses by using a spider and electronic equipment. Spider-Man manages to track down the signal and finds Dr. Doom. It turns out that this is just a robot of Dr. Doom. Spider-Man finds the offer funny and tries to web up the robot. The real Dr. Doom arrives and begins to fight Spider-Man. Spider-Man has to jump out the window to avoid Doom's attacks. Doom blows up the building and so Spider-Man has to deal with the fire and cannot go after Dr. Doom. The next day Peter Parker takes pictures of the burnt building to try to sell them to J. Jonah Jameson. Jameson tells Peter that his reasons for constantly attacking Spider-Man is because it sells papers. While Jameson goes off on Spider-Man, his secretary, Betty begins to defend him. Peter never really paid attention to her and finds that he is attracted to her. Meanwhile, Flash Thompson wants to play a trick on Peter by dressing up as Spider-Man. Dr. Doom had built a Spider-Man detector that detects his powers. He intends to find out what Spider-Man's true identity is. When Doom detects Peter, Flash is nearby wearing the costume. Doom easily overtakes Flash and knocks him out with a gas. Peter is unaware that all this has happened. Dr. Doom hacks into the broadcast announcing that he has captured Spider-Man. Peter sees the broadcast as his classmates tell him that Flash is missing. Peter figures out what has happened and sets out to rescue Flash. Peter creates a blackout at his home in order to duck out from Aunt May. He finds Doom's new hideout and starts fighting him again. Dr. Doom uses several weapons against Spider-Man but doesn't have any luck in defeating him. When the Fantastic Four arrive, Dr. Doom takes off. Spider-Man remembers that he left Aunt May alone in the dark and leaves also. The Fantastic Four set Flash free.

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