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Armed with a way to take Digger down, Spider-Man and Lieutenant William Lamont put his idea to the test. Also, Spidey has a little surprise for his new boss, Morris Forelli. 
Breaking into a lab to analyze Digger's tissue, Spidey determines that the gamma radiation is the only thing keeping the disparate cells from rejecting each other. Theorizing that without a way to recharge, like when Hulk shifts back to Banner, Digger threatens to burn himself out. Peter plans to keep after him until he depletes his energy. Soon after, Spidey meets Lt. Lamont, then heads to Forelli's to collect his first check and to warn him to get out of the city. Suddenly, Digger attacks Lynne upstairs. As Spidey intervenes, Forelli admits to Digger that he gave the order to murder the Vegas Thirteen. Spidey then relentlessly attacks, pursuing Digger into the sewer and forcing him to burn up all his energy. Exhausted, Digger desomposes. Lamont arrests Forelli, playing him his confession about ordering the Vegas Thirteen murder, recorded by the wire Spidey is wearing. After Lamont affirms Forelli's check is clean, Peter uses it to establish the Gwen Stacy memorial library at Midtown High.

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