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Digger fights Spider-Man, and continues his vendetta against mobster Morris Forelli. Forelli hires Spidey to become his bodyguard and sends him on a trip to Nevada to investigate the origin of the dangerous Digger.

Spider-Man tackles the creature who calls himself "Digger", deducing frim his green skin and great strenght that he is gamma-spawned. After felling the wall-crawler, Digger departs.

Outside, one of Forelli's men approaches Spidey and escorts him to Forelli's mansion. Aware that Digger is targeting his business interests, Forelli wants to hire Spidey as his bodygard offering him 10 000 dollars a day. Since he was planning to deal with Digger anyway, Spidey accepts.

Forelli introduces Spidey to his daughter Lynn and insists the wall-crawler wear a pager.

After Digger attacks one of his shipments, Forelli sends Spidey to Nevada to learn more about the creature. There, he infiltrates a scientific briefing and learns that the gamma bomb test merged buried body pieces into one coherent form with tremendous strenght that can't be killed because it's already dead. Meanwhile, Digger emerges from his Manhattan sewer hiding place.

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