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Spider-Man searches the city for a trace of Kraven the Hunter.

Whilst web-swinging around looking for Kraven the Hunter (who escaped Spidey last issue), Spider-Man gets an extremely bad cold and has to go home.

Meanwhile, in a prison, the Vulture is dying. He asks for his final request: a word with his cellmate. He tells his cellmate (who's name is Blackie Drago) where his wings have been hidden. Blackie manages to escape for long enough to get the wings, and escapes just before the prison guards find him. Blackie then makes a helmet and goes on a one-man crime spree.

At Empire State University, Peter Parker is forced to go home because of his bad cold. He hears about Blackie's crime spree and goes out to try and stop him. He manages to find Blackie, but is so weak that Blackie manages to defeat him. Blackie leaves Spider-Man unconscious in a pile of snow, commenting that if the fall doesn't kill him, the cold will.....

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