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my first review on shocker!

now, this comic book releases a whole new super-villain of spidey, the SHOCKER! Shocker is by far my favorite villain of all time. For their first meeting, it was a close battle, but spidey always comes on top. I wanted shocker to win the battle, and spidey won with a broken arm, you got to give him some slack! The story was really original, and shocker would end up being a really famous villain to spider-man. Like mostly every villain in spider-man, they always want the money, and that is what shocker exactly was searching for. I would give this comic a 9.6 out of ten, but that,s my opinion. Thanks!


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    This issue is written by Stan "The Man" Lee and drawn by John Romita Sr. In this fantastic comic we meet the Shocker for the first time! We see Spidey going up against this villian with one arm in a sling and trys to stop him from stealing some money. Man o' man what a mistake on the web heads part. Spidey doesn't stand a chance and gets beaten fairly easy by Shocker. Shocker seems pretty proud of his self for beating Spidey so easily and makes off with his escape with the stolen money in tow. A...

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