etragedy's The Amazing Spider-Man #4 - Nothing Can Stop The Sandman review

Sandman's First Appearance

Issue four of The Amazing Spider-Man introduces another classic Spidey foe: Sandman. It's another full-length story like last issue. Unfortunately, the Spider-Man vs. Sandman story isn't quite as compelling as the Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus one. True, it does have some very inventive uses of Sandman's powers, and some dynamic panels by Steve Ditko (though not as dynamic as last issue). But it also has a lot of flaws too... Sandman evading the cops by disguising himself as a pile of sand (no, that doesn't look suspicious at all), Sandman demanding that a high school principal write him out a diploma (?!?), and the matter of what happens to Sandman's clothes when he turns to sand... But overall, the comic is still above average for its time.


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    Spidey Gets Sand Kicked In His Face 0

    The cover: 5 stars Okay, I know I said I hated word balloons on covers, but I just love this cover. When I first saw it I thought this was the coolest villain ever and couldn’t imagine how Spidey could ever beat this latest foe. Somehow Steve Ditko manages to convey a sense of mystery, surprise and helplessness on the cover … you just can’t wait to find out what happens. Nothing Can Stop … The Sandman (21 pages) For me this is the first issue that really hits the mark. Stan produces some of his ...

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    Another Spidey Foe Debuts 0

    I have to admit this issue while being cheesey is good. Cheese isn't lame it's goofey and lame but it gets you to laugh.So we in this issue Peter breaking a date(more troubles) We get a villian beating Spidey and uh oh Spidey's mask torn(yay more problems). Of course we get Sandman's origion and it's still gamma and nuclear involved(not surprised)Then in this story Sandman hides in Peter's school by coincidence and wants his high school diploma? He didn't ask for it in the movie nor was he actua...

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