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Guest-starring Punisher and Moon Knight! Heroes of New York City unite to take down a common enemy in the Secret Empire. With Midnight under close watch, will pertinent answers about the Empire come to light?

Moon Knight takes Spider-Man and Night Trasher after Midnight upon his Mooncopter, following him with the Spider-Tracer that was planted on him. Midnight disappears into a secret Hidden Empire entry with a still-unconscious Nova, but not without Punisher spotting him. The others arrive, and Punisher says they blew his cover as they are surrounded by Hidden Empire soldiers. They are taking care of the soldiers until Midnight reappears. The Seekers also show up and they distract the heroes while Midnight make an escape. Midnight returns to the Secret Empire's main headquarters and they discover the Spider-Tracer, destroying it. They also set about adding some more upgrades to him. Meanwhile, Lynn Church secretly asks a technician if he can install a device into Midnight's spine when he's doing the upgrades.

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