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Who is the Molten Man? And what forces can take down a villain with near-impenetrable skin? Plus, Peter tries to earn some fast cash from his freelance photography, only to find that the Bugle has undergone some recent changes.

Molten Man has just served his time in jail and he finds he has grown stronger.

Next thing we know is that is that someone is robbing the jewelry store and along comes Spidey to save the day but he takes a beating like no other and the stranger escapes.

We then see Molten Man take off the disguise as he was the jewel robber.

Peter keeps on worrying about this strange man who beat him and he sets out to find him.

He suspects it's Molten Man so he goes to his house to find him there and he puts a Spidey tracking device in his pocket.

Spidey continues to follow Molten Man until he goes in a disguise shop.

After he is disguised Molten Man heads for the jewel shop again Spider-Man watches as he breaks in and photographs him doing this.

They fight until Molten Man breaks a window he makes a quick get away but Spidey is not far behind he follows him and ties him up in a metal coil.

He webs him near the jewel shop and hands some pics of him doing it to the police.

Peter then goes to sell the rest of the pics at the Daily Bugle but then notices Betty Brant isn't working there anymore and walks away upset.

The end

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