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Nothing Special

While Steve Ditko continues to work on improving his art, overall issue 34 or The Amazing Spider-Man isn't anything special. Kraven the Hunter decides to return to New York City to once again stalk the one quarry that has thus far eluded him: Spider-Man.

In order to flush Spider-Man out, Kraven dons a Spider-Man costume himself, and proceeds to stalk and harass J. Jonah Jameson. The resulting media attention does the trick, and when Spider-Man finally shows himself, Kraven lures him to an abandoned building where they can have their final showdown. Complicating the matter are a group of criminal lowlifes who see Spider-Man and decide to join in the scuffle to take down their hated enemy.

The rest of the comic is pretty much all punches and kicks (mostly punches) until one of them is victorious. Not a particularly great or noteworthy issue, but nothing really wrong with it either.


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