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Enter Kraven the Hunter! Kraven has isolated himself in the wilderness to brew and plot revenge against Spider-Man. When Kraven returns to New York to hunt down his prey, Spider-Man is caught unawares.

Kraven the Hunter walks around his trophy room and he has a space reserved for the mask of Spider-man. Kraven drinks a potion full of special herbs that make him gain great strength, He then finds a lion outside and battles it for training, easily defeating it and lets it go free. Ready to return to New York to try and capture Spider-man, he gets on board a ship in Nairobi.

Betty Brant confronts Peter on revealing his secret, and Pete finally gives in and reveals himself as Spider-Man…but it was all just a dream Betty was having. Meanwhile, Peter is in a much better mood after hearing Aunt May is receiving visitors like Anna Watson, and he can finally concentrate more on his studies. When he gets to school he finds that the other students are against him. He ignored them on his first day and started to worry more on Aunt May's condition. Gwen can't help but obsess over Peter in class and she wonders why someone like Peter is ignoring her. Later Spider-man accosts J..Jonah's in the street as he tries to corner him, and he is seen as attacking him and runs away. Then we see that it was actually Kraven in a Spider-Man suit which he got from The Chameleon's last hideout. Peter hears about the impersonator running around on the television but decides to let it go so Aunt May would not get upset or worry about him.

When Aunt May's friend Anna Watson visits her, Peter knows it is his chance to become Spider-man and look for who ever was impersonating him. He swings around through the city until he finally sees him. He chases him unto a rooftop, but he suddenly disappears from there. Then comes Kraven who admits he was the one that impersonated him and sprays Spider-Man with a jungle scent that blocks his spider-sense. Kraven ducks into the building and Spidey follows him in which gets him into booby traps that were set up by Kraven himself. A mob of angry men in the building are set to capture Spider-Man for the "attack" he did before. Spider-Man easily knocks them out and webs them in net. Kraven sees Spidey outside and drops on him from a roof, They fall into another building once more for there final fight. This time Spider-Man gets the upper hand and finally defeats him. After Spider-Man webs up Kraven for the police, Peter takes some picture as the they take him away. Kraven actually admits to the police that he was the one impersonated Spider-Man.

Back at the Bugle, Betty Brant is suddenly missing so Jameson is forced to hire a replacement for her. Peter returns home and realizes that Betty would never accept him as being Spider-Man and thinks to himself that he is better off without her.

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