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Spider-man talks to Ezekiel. He wants to go to safety, because he knows that Morlun is too powerful. But Ezekiel can`t grant Spidey safety, or help him any other way. Not any more.

Suddenly Spidey sees flames in the distance, and he leaves Ezekiel alone.

It`s not difficult to guess, that Morlun is the one who caused the fire. Spidey and Morlun battle once again.

Spidey knows, that Morlun only wants him. So he moves the battle to the port. And it continues there.

Suddenly Ezekiel joins the battle. He, Spidey and Morlun fight. Ezekiel punches Morluns nose, and it bleed a little. Morlun starts to feast on Ezekiel, but Spidey stops him. It doesn`t save Ezekiel. For, he is weakened, and falls to the river. Morlun leaves. Spidey dives to save Ezekiel, but Ezekiel is nowhere to be found. He dives back up. He is angry, and crushes a few placks. And one of them has Morluns blood in it...Spidey takes it with him, and starts to research it. He finds some interesting information.

Spidey puts on a new, unshredded costume. Then he goes to a lab, and starts to wait for Morlun. But before that, he has something else to do...

It's wall-to-wall action as Spider-Man, armed with new knowledge about himself and his powers, squares off against the enigmatic and lethal Morlun! "J. Michael Straczynski, creator of 'Babylon 5,' has taken over the reins of Marvel's venerable web-slinger... the results: the best issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in years -- if not decades! Straczynski is taking the wall-crawler in some amazing new directions!" -

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