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After pretending to have a break down, the police give The Scorpion back the costume that gives him his powers. Of course what they didn't suspect was that he was repairing it so he could bust out.

At the Daily Bugle police tell J. Jonah Jameson that The Scorpion has escaped. Thankfully Peter Parker over hears and decides to stop The Scorpion again.

The Scorpion sees Spiderman swinging around trying to find him, so he decides to attack J. Jonah Jameson at The Bugle, who should be helpless now.

Spiderman figures this out and returns to the Bugle, where the two of them have a very destructive battle in Jamesons office.

The fight is carried outside and into the river, when Spiderman gets the idea, to just keep hitting him with his webbing to keep him under water. Soon the Scorpion passes out and Spiderman is victorious once more.

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Routine 0

It's a thoroughly average issue as the Scorpion breaks out of jail and sets his sights on revenge against J. Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man.The strength of this issue is the battle between Spider-Man and the Scorpion. Like the battle with the Molten Man last issue, it's a multi-page affair beginning at the Daily Bugle offices and ending in the Hudson River.The weaknesses of the issue however is the kind of dumb way that all the characters act. Jameson figures the best way to protect himself from t...

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Scorpion 0

Not a lot of characterization to this issue, however it is one very good knock down drag out issue. I like the Scorpion as a villain, even though at this ( only his second appearance ) he is being written rather two dimensionally, he still comes of pretty cool. I think I have gotten used to Stan "The Man " Lees writing as far as dialogue goes, because it doesn't boyther me nearly as much as it did before. Of course he is also using less of the stiff stuff. Now if he can actually give Jameson a ...

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