etragedy's The Amazing Spider-Man #24 - Spider-Man Goes Mad! review

A Different Kind of Spider-Man Story

Part of CV's Top 100 Spider-Man Universe Stories - reviewed!

Now this is something you didn't see very often in a Marvel Silver Age comic. It's not about one of Spider-Man's stock villains pulling a bank job or other such crime. It's about Spider-Man losing his grip on his sanity. It still has all the normal drama - conflict with Flash Thompson, Betty/Liz triangle, J. Jonah Jameson coming up with a new way to discredit Spidey in the Daily Bugle, and Aunt May's list of worries. But it also has Spider-Man dealing with the realistic concern of how dangerous it would be for someone like him to go truly mad.

It's a great story, and to avoid possible spoilers I'll make this last comment hidden:

it's a well done Gaslight type situation - and if you can figure that much out, then you have a pretty good idea who's behind it.

A really good, different kind of issue.

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