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Spider-Man battles Tarantula, who has been transformed into an actual giant tarantula monster, at a Brand corporation building. Will o' the Wisp, who was on another floor, flies down to join the fight against Tarantula. They break through the wall and tumble outside. Will o' the Wisp and Tarantula fall into the bay and don't resurface.

Spidey goes back in and gets his camera, then goes home. At least he can make some money! Unfortunately his film was ruined in the fight.

At the Daily Bugle, Jonah agrees with a request from an official from the Justice Department and kills a story on Brand and its parent company, Roxxon. They know Roxxon's long history with criminality (most of the characters listed below are part of a series of flashbacks), but they can't prove it, and the government wants more time before the Bugle releases the story.

Peter decides to spy on a Brand official to get more info, but Will o' the Wisp shows up to kill the official. He recounts his origin as a scientist for Brand whose experiment went wrong. Spidey intervenes and they fight, but then Tarantula shows up as well!


  • Linda Grant's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header.

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